JS Forms

Junior School Tutor System

All pupils have a Tutor who is responsible for their academic and pastoral welfare.
In the lower years this will usually be the person who teaches the pupils most often.
The Tutor is the first point of contact for pupils and their parents, and is therefore the linchpin in the crucial three-way relationship between pupil, parent and school.
Tutors monitor and sign pupil diaries providing a regular and important line of contact with parents.

  • Form Tutors:
    • meet with their tutees twice daily for Form Registration to deal with various administrative and pastoral matters (with
  •   one session extended to half an hour once per week). 

  • • work closely with their tutees to monitor academic grades which are discussed with tutees, identifying strengths and
  •    weaknesses

  • • keep a record of pupils' progress

  • • assist tutees in setting targets for their social and academic development

  • • meet with their form for one P.S.H.E. period each week

  • • have regular meetings with other tutors so that any issues can be raised and discussed, good practice shared, etc.