Ethos and Aims

The School’s motto aut viam inveniam aut faciam (find a way or make a way) is as fundamental today as it was at the time of our foundation in 1629. We want Chigwell students to develop a determined, independent spirit, taking responsibility for themselves, their relationships with others, and the world around us.
Our Mission – we aim to be a learning community that aspires to excellence in every facet of its life: spiritual, moral, intellectual, cultural, social, emotional and physical, and through its links with the wider community.
Our Aims
• To provide a high quality rounded education in the broadest sense in which pupils are provided with opportunities and encouragement to develop and discover interests and talents across and beyond the curriculum so that they can play a full part in the life of the School and make a positive contribution to the world of the 21st century thereafter
• To provide the appropriate support to allow all pupils to achieve and fulfil their individual and collective potential
• To establish a community in which learning is encouraged, where pupils develop a love of learning and are challenged to think for themselves with critical and creative curiosity
• To recruit, retain and nurture the best possible staff and provide a stimulating, rewarding and supportive environment for all who are employed at Chigwell
• To encourage an awareness of the spiritual side of life and an inclusive approach to others, within the Christian foundation of the School so that all learn from each other
• To encourage pupils to appreciate their good fortune and their responsibility for others, the community and the environment
• To produce pupils who are able to look back at their time in school with enjoyment, pride, gratitude and a sense of affection