Bus Service

Bus Service

MORNING BUS ROUTES – Michaelmas Term 2016

ROUTE ONE – Epping, Theydon Bois, Debden        

7.25am                 Bell Hotel Car Park                                                          

7.27am                 Junction of High Road and Little Bury Lane           

7.30am                 Corner of Stonards Hill and Theydon Grove         

7.32am                 Car Park of Theydon Oak, Coopersale                      

7.40am                 Centre Drive, Epping                                                                      

7.45am                 Bottom of Piercing Hill, Theydon Bois                                     

7.48am                 Corner of the Green, Theydon Bois                                         

8.00am                 School, Drama Centre Car Park


ROUTE TWO – South Woodford, Woodford Green, Buckhurst Hill  


7.30am                 South Woodford Station - North Side, the Woodford-bound platform side    

7.33am                 Bus stop at A406 Flyover                                                                                                    

7.37am                 Winston Churchill Statue/St. Aubyn’s School                                                                     

7.40am                 Woodford County High School                                                                                          

7.43 am                Castle Pub                                                                                                                                 

7.46am                 Bancroft’s School                                                                                                                         

7.50am                 Bald Faced Stag, top of Palmerston Road                                                                     

8.00am                 School, Roding Lane Entrance


ROUTE THREE – Loughton, Buckhurst Hill       


7.30am                 The Plume of Feathers Pub, nr Homebase

7.35am                 Bus stop at the bottom of Trap’s Hill                                                                       

7.43am                Bus Stop on High Road, outside Churchill Property Management                

7.45am                Bus Stop by The Crescent

7.50am                 Braeside Senior School

7.53am                 Junction of Westbury Lane and Palmerston Road                                                                                      

8.00am                School, Roding Lane Entrance


ROUTE FOUR – Wanstead, Ilford, Gants Hill, Clayhall                                


7.15 am                Junction of Wanstead High Street and Hermon Hill

7.20am                 Wanstead Station, bus stop on Eastern Avenue to Ilford                                       

7.24am                 Junction of Wanstead Lane and The Drive

7.26am                 Junction of The Drive and St Andrew’s Road.                                                            

7.30am                 Junction of St Andrew’s Road and Cranbrook Rise                                                   

7.35am                T Junction of Cranbrook Rise and Wanstead Lane                                                                            

7.40am                Beehive Lane Roundabout; junction of Gosford Gardens and Beehive Lane        

7.45am                Longwood Gardens, bus stop outside Dr. Johnson pub.                                        

7.49am                 Junction of Baron Gardens and Craven Gardens                                                                

7.50am                Junction of Westminster Gardens and Craven Gardens                                            

7.55am                 Bus stop by Bald Hind Flats, Hainault Road

8.00am                School, Drama Centre Car Park​

There is scope for extra stops to be added to these routes if desired. The cost is £2.50 a day, payable in half-termly blocks.
A possible new route would be from Chingford, should the interest be there.
If interested in joining any of these routes, either existing or proposed, please contact Mr. Inch by email on ginch@chigwell-school.org