Admissions Introduction

Contacting the admissions office:
Mrs Janet Long
Admissions Registrar
Chigwell School

High Road
Tel: 020 8501 5700
Please specify the age of your child when you request a Registration Pack

Pupils usually join Chigwell School at 4+, 7+,11+ or 16+.

Occasionally, we admit pupils at other ages, sometimes when families have relocated and only if spaces are available. Please contact the Admissions Registrar for further details.
The Headmaster, Mr Michael Punt, has overall responsibility for admissions at Chigwell School. He is always available to see prospective parents who should make an appointment with his PA.
The Head of the Pre Prep School, Mrs Evelyn Gibbs, is responsible for admissions to the Pre Prep.  Tours of the Pre Prep School can be arranged on a working day.
The Head of the Junior School, Mr Andrew Stubbs, is directly involved in admissions to the Junior School (Years 3 to 8) and is happy to show parents and children around the School during a normal school day.
The Head of Sixth Form, Mr Andrew Long, is happy to see parents of candidates wishing to enter the Sixth Form.
If you would like to tour around any part of the School please contact the Admissions Registrar, Mrs Janet Long.
All applications are handled in the first instance by the Admissions Registrar, Mrs Janet Long, who runs the Admissions Office, makes arrangements for the interviews, assessments and exams and can provide advice on any aspect of the admission process.
We would ask that parents of 4+ candidates registering for entry in September 2018 submit their registration form by 12 noon on Thursday 12th October 2017.  Applications received after this date will be not considered.  The assessment process takes place in November 2017 and your child will be called in a small group according to their date of birth.
Candidates for the 7+ entry in September 2018 are recommended to register by the end of October 2017.  Details of the entrance exam will be sent out at this time, together with interview and classroom experience (7+ only) dates.  7+ interviews take place in the week beginning Monday 16th October and Monday 20th November.  7+ Classroom experience dates are Saturday 18th November and Saturday 2nd December.

Candidates for the 11+ entry in September 2018 are recommended to register by the end of October 2017. Interviews take place in the weeks beginning 9th October and 13th November before the entrance exam.