Studying PSHE at Chigwell

PSHE gives to students a fuller understanding of aspects of life found outside of the school curriculum. Pupils are taught what constitutes their social, moral, spiritual and cultural responsibilities, which are considered to be a key part of the education provided to pupils of all ages. The course is dedicated to the teaching of values fundamental to British society, including the promotion of the values of rule of law and democracy, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths or beliefs. The course aims to educate pupils to have an understanding and regard for the society in which they find themselves, to appreciate the laws under which they live and which secure their safety and well-being, to accept others, and to understand the importance of identifying and combatting forms of discrimination. Also essential to the subject is a comprehensive study of personal wellbeing, with visits from guest speakers addressing issues such as healthy lifestyles, drugs awareness and relationship education. 

Designated PSHE lessons are timetabled for students from Lower One to Lower Sixth, with the curriculum adapted each year to include topics relevant to their stage in life. The students are encouraged to explore more sensitive or personal ideas in a way which is in depth but appropriate.  Ultimately, Chigwell pupils should have a clear sense of right and wrong, and respect for civil and criminal laws of England and the principals through which members of the School and other communities exist together in harmony.

PSHE Lessons take place in a range of formats; whilst some classes may be held in individual form groups, others may include a meeting of the whole year. This allows both small and large discussions and debates, whilst ensuring that teaching methods are varied and remain interactive. Some topics may be addressed through individual discussions or activities such as role play, whilst others will be introduced through a documentary, followed by a guided question and answer session. One regular and very popular lesson is a recreation of 'Ready Steady Cook' organised by Chartwells for the Third Form, shown in the picture to the left. All lessons are created with the aim of aiding personal development, and helping students to become more aware of the society around them. Opportunities for development outside of the curriculum include activities such as school trips, the pastoral care system, and the programme of assemblies and Church Services.

To learn more about our PSHE course, follow the links to our statements of what we aim to teach in regards to Fundamental British Valuesand E Safety.

​Anna Savage, Deputy Head (Staff and Systems)