Local MP Visits Chigwell School
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BBC School Reporters and A level students quiz MP

Mrs Eleanor Laing MP visited Chigwell School recently to meet with our BBC School Reporters and students of A level Government and Politics.  Questions from sixth formers, Macy Desborough, Isabelle Kearin and Rohan Sharad, included whether the voting age in England should be lowered to sixteen, as for the Scottish Referendum.  The Year 7 reporters included Molly Moloney, Evie Tresadern and Olivia Nicholas who asked Mrs Laing what she thought about a proposed salary cap on earnings to narrow the gap between the highest and lowest paid workers.  

What did Mrs Laing have to say to these budding reporters?  Log onto BBC School Report on Friday March 17th and click on the link to Chigwell School to find out.