Scholar’s Play
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Scholar’s Play

The Sixth Form Drama Scholar’s play this year was a double bill consisting of two farces.  First was “When I Click My Fingers” by Adam Bruce.  Moyo Awolesi provided suitable panache as the ‘dodgy’ hypnotist with her vulnerable subjects Simon and Maria (Rohan Sharad and Shanaiya Pithiya) who switched effortlessly from ‘normal’ to ‘weird’ at the prompt of a key work.  Their strange behaviour was baffling to the pushy American businessman and his vacant wife (Erin Chakartash and Mina Yusuf) but perhaps not quite so baffling to their feisty, slightly surly daughter played by Janet Sowole.  Minor parts were played by Pena Iiyambo and Nik Litovchenko.  The acting was a high quality all through while teamwork and able direction made this a highly enjoyable first half.

“Mary Mary”, also by Adam Bruce, followed the interval.  All three female characters were called ‘Mary’ which led to the expected misunderstandings and general confusion.  In the middle of this mayhem, Oliver Slatford tried to keep order with his crazy mother believing she was a medium (Pena Iiyambo), the girl his mother invited over as a potential wife (India Aujila) and the tipsy girl he invited back from the pub (Kate Hawes).  The pace of this play and the professionalism of the cast were exemplary.  The audience were in stitches and the ovation at the end was a just reward.

Both plays were expertly directed by Maddie Lovett, supported by Olivia Drabwell and Amie Baker (make-up) with Mr Andy Lewis providing the all-important lighting.