ISI Report

ISI Inspection Reports

In March 2016, the Independent School Inspectorate (ISI) carried out an inspection of Chigwell School.  All aspects of the School were inspected including Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and boarding.  The inspectors awarded the judgement ‘excellent’ which is the ISI descriptor for the Ofsted term ‘outstanding’, for the following:
•    The quality of pupils’ achievement and learning
•    The curricular and extra-curricular provision
•    Teaching
•    The spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of the pupils
•    Pastoral care
•    Boarding
The inspectors’ comments included:
• Children in the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) thoroughly enjoy their learning and achieve well in relation to their   
  starting points, abilities and needs.  Achievement in literacy and numeracy is particularly high.
• Pupils in the rest of the School, including those with SEND or EAL, display particularly high levels of knowledge, 
  understanding and skill.
• Pupils demonstrate very positive attitudes to learning.  They are enthusiastic and committed.

• An excellent range of extra-curricular activities contributes significantly to the educational, intellectual and personal 
  development of pupils.
• Pupils benefit from the wide variety of links with communities, both at home and abroad.
• Throughout the School, teaching is highly effective in promoting pupils’ progress.
• Teaching benefits from the excellent relationships between staff and pupils.  At all times, it promotes tolerance and respect.
• Pupils display excellent spiritual awareness.  They are tolerant, respectful, appreciate non-material aspects of life and value 
  different religious beliefs.
• Pupils leave the School as mature, tolerant and well-rounded individuals who have a very clear understanding of their
  responsibilities and display excellent standards of personal responsibilities and display excellent standards of personal 
• Extremely positive relationships are formed with all adults in the EYFS, who know all the children well.  Children’s behaviour is
• The relationships between staff and pupils, and among the pupils themselves strongly contribute to a supportive culture 
  throughout the School within which the pastoral structures and guidance are highly effective.
• Outcomes for boarders are excellent and meet the aims of the School.  Boarders are happy, confident, polite and engaging.
• Boarders praise the School for the consideration that is afforded to their individual needs and they relish the opportunity to
  share aspects of their own cultures in a positive and welcoming environment.
• The long-term vision of the Governors and leadership is embedded in the school development plan to which all departments
  contribute.  This provides clear educational direction.
• The School has benefited from considerable development since the previous inspection.
• Regular full reports and interim progress reports are clear and keep parents very well informed about their children’s 
  achievement and progress, and help their children to improve their work further.
Please read the full report here