Senior School

A confident future

Pupils enter the Senior School in Year 9 although they will have been following a senior school curriculum since the start of Year 7.  This is both an exciting and increasingly serious phase as pupils' development, emotionally and academically, accelerates quickly towards maturity. This phase incorporates the development of skills to pass public exams, survive university life and make careers choices, all as successfully as possible. Chigwell School works to prepare each boy or girl to meet these objectives to the best of his or her ability.  Meanwhile, there continues to be a wide range of opportunities outside of the classroom.

The focal point of pupils' lives in the Senior School are the four houses - Caswalls', Lambourne, Penn's and Swallow's.  Pupils meet in their house each day and will get to know pupils of ages in their house.  There are a whole host of extra-curricular competitions and activities through the house system and  all are encouraged to participate.  Each house has a housemaster or housemistress at its head who has a team of supporting tutors.

Every pupil has a house tutor who oversees all aspects of their education, welfare and progress and is the immediate point of contact for parents. The shared stability and common standards promoted by both home and the School help smooth the passage from childhood through adolescence to adulthood.  We believe that by working together parents and teachers provide boys and girls with the most effective support and direction.