Sixth Form

Thinking ahead

Chigwell Sixth Form - a stepping stone to university

The Sixth Form is a vibrant part of Chigwell School where students gain a greater sense of responsibility, freedom and purpose.  Most students study four AS subjects in the Lower Sixth and specialise in three of these at A2 level the following year.  Results at A level are impressive: in recent years >95% of Chigwellians have moved on to degree courses at university, or music and other specialist colleges, with some 8% gaining entry to Oxford or Cambridge universities.

Students also have the opportunity to engage in a wide range of activities beyond their academic studies and some sixth form students have set up societies for the benefit of others.  The Enrichment Programme enables students to develop interests and opinions in a wide range of subjects from socio-political to the arts and pure sciences.  Those applying to the most selective universities are given extra support through Learning +, there is the opportunity to participate in the Extended Project Qualification and there is the regular programme of visiting speakers known as the Williams Project.  Through the Duke of Edinburgh and Chigwell Award schemes, students are encouraged to carry out voluntary service in the community, work experience, learn a new skill and complete an expedition.

The Sixth Form is an important part of the school, and students play an important part in its day-to-day life.  They work with the staff to create a welcoming, caring and friendly environment, with many assuming considerable responsibility for the running of different areas of the school life, in Chapel, Music, Drama, Sport and the social life of the Sixth Form.

UCAS & Careers

There is a great emphasis on preparing our students for life after School.  The Careers and Universities programme helps to open students' minds to the importance and scope of university education and the careers available beyond study.  Students are well supported so that their final decision-making is well informed and reflects their individual strengths and interests.  There is extensive and well-structured support for the UCAS applications, guidance towards work experience, preparation for entrance tests and interview practice.  The Uniplus programme also prepares the Sixth Form students for the practicalities of leaving home and making a real success of their university career.